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Full text of "Flora Indica Vol-I"

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220                             laoiu INDICA.

Stellaria,                                      Erigerea?
Lychnis.                                      Aster,
Dianthus.                                     Saussurea.
Astragali, many .                           Gentiana.
Phaca.                                         Veronica Beccalmga*
Therxripsis.                                 Agrostis.
Oxytropis.                                    Anagallis.
Cicer.                                          Orobanche.
Potentilla.                                    Euphrasia qffcinalis.
Chams&rliodos sctbulosa.                  Podicularis.
Saxifraga.                                     Tliymus Serjpyllwn.
Epilobea.                                     Menthsa, various.
Carum Carw.                                Dracocephalum.
Galium Aparine.                           Primula).
Tussilago Farfbra.                        Staticc.
Mulgedium.                                  Orchis.
To rtaricum .                                  1 1 ermiulum .
Artemisia.                          '          A Ilia, several.
The water-plants are Hippuris vulgaris, Limosel/a aquaticu,
ZannicJiellia pafa>stris, Ranunculus aquatilis and radicans,
Utricirfaria, and several species of Potamogeton* .
In favourable localities a short turf covers the ground,
and aflbrds a nutritious pasturage to yaks, goats, sheep, and
horses; this consists chiefly of the common Fescue grass
(Festuca ovina) and other European species, with several spe-
cies of Stipa and tufted Carices.
Owing to the great power of the sun there is scarcely any
alpine vegetation, even at 15,000 feet; and above thai, though
plants may be gathered up to 19,000 feet, vegetation is ex*
cessivcly scanty, and only found by the margins of rills from
melting snow. The flora of these regions includes some plants
of great interest, as Papaver nudicaule, Oan/yraphis fflacialis,
Ranunculus hyperboreuS) Taraxacum officinale, Delphinimn
Bnmonianum, Berberis ulicina. A small Urtica is everywhere
common at great elevations,
The following list of genera and species that occur above